She Was Found Dead And Naked On The Side Of The Road Nearly A Year Ago And After A Warrant Was Issued For Her Husband’s Arrest He Took His Own Life

Houston, Texas. 26-year-old Alexis Sharkey was an Instagram influencer who moved to Houston,  in the earlier part of 2020 along with her husband Tom.

Her Instagram account was full of beautiful photos of her traveling the world with her friends and husband.

Right before Thanksgiving of last year, Alexis spoke to her mom Stacey and then she disappeared. On November 28th at 7:58 at night, Stacey took to Facebook to issue a desperate plea.

Instagram; Alexis is pictured above

“Please share this post!!! My daughter, Alexis Sharkey, is missing!! No one has heard from her for over 24 hours and the police are involved,” Stacey explained.

“She has lived in Houston Texas since January and that was where she was last seen. Please help us find her and bring her home safely!! We are so very desperate!!! Please share!!”

That same day, at approximately 8 a.m., a person who works for the City of Houston noticed feet sticking out of some bushes close to Houston’s Katy Freeway.

Facebook; pictured above is what Stacey posted following Alexis going missing

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