She Was The Victim Of A Serial Killer And For 37 Long Years, Nobody Knew Her Name

Anchorage, Alaska. She was dressed in a coat, sweater, and wool scarf when she was found out near Horseshoe Lake located in Palmer, which is about a 46-minute drive away from Anchorage.

She had jeans and leg warmers on, and she was wearing tennis shoes on her feet. She had 4 gold rings on her fingers, and a pack of cigarettes with her, in addition to a compact.

It was April 25th, 1984 when her remains were found lying in the woods close to the picturesque lake, and she had been shot and stabbed to death.

Nobody knew who she was back in 1984, and so, she was nicknamed Horseshoe Harriet after the lake she had been found near.

In the absence of her name, she was buried with a grave marker that simply read “Jane Doe #3” in Anchorage Memorial Park.

It would be 37 long years until anyone would find out who she was, however, there was one important detail in her case…

…The serial killer Robert Hansen had admitted to killing her.

Alaska Department of Public Safety; pictured above is the unnamed woman, who was nicknamed Horseshoe Harriet after the lake she had been found near

Robert was arrested in the year before this young woman had been found near Horseshoe Lake, and initially, authorities thought he had taken the lives of four different women.

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