This Little Girl Was Run Over By A Car While Waiting For Her Bus And The iPad In Her Bag Probably Saved Her Life

Troy, Missouri. It was the morning of October 1st when a 10-year-old little girl named Jersey was sitting there, doing something she did every school day.

She was waiting for her bus on the corner of Cuivre Ridge and Gravens Road, but on that morning, she ended up being run over by a car before her bus could arrive.

“She became trapped under the car for at least 15 minutes,” Rachel Meyer wrote on a GoFundMe page. Rachel works with Jersey’s mom Erika.

“Her father worked fast and retrieved a jack to lift the car so that Jersey could be freed,” Rachel continued.

“She has a broken leg with several fractures and severe road rash. As of now, she is stable, but they are having a hard time with controlling her pain.”

Rachel went on to say that Jersey surviving the accident is a “miracle” and the only reason she is even alive is because of her book bag.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jersey

Jersey had placed her iPad inside of her bag, and thank goodness she did because that was what prevented her injuries from being worse.

“They think that the iPad took the impact and protected her spine,” Rachel explained.

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