People Tried To Shame This Mom For Spending A Lot Of Money On Her Clothes When She Dresses Her Children In Cheap Stuff And This Was Her Brilliant Reply

Caitlin explained that she buys her children cheap clothing because she doesn’t ever want to be the mom that gets upset with them for staining their clothing.

When her kids spill things on their clothing, or if they get dirt on it, it’s not a problem at all because it’s not like they ruined something expensive or hard to replace.

Instagram; Caitlin’s children are pictured above

She also pointed out that she always wants to be the mom who teaches her kids that there’s far more to life than expensive clothing.

“Here’s them covered in dirt, spilling ice cream, and living their best life. ⁣That’s all I could ever want,” she continued.

Caitlin says she won’t feel bad for buying her kids cheaper clothes because she’s reminded of why she’s doing this when she sees these photos.

Seeing how much joy her children get out of eating their ice cream that they got on themselves in the process, or seeing them excited to be playing outside in the dirt; to Caitlin, that’s better than them being in stuffy clothes.

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