30 Years Ago She Was Stabbed To Death In Her House While Her Little Girl Concealed Herself In A Closet And Her Case Has Long Since Grown Cold

“I followed it straight to my mom’s room and she was laying halfway on the bed with her feet dangling off it.”

Sadly, this man who had been in their home stabbed Sherry to death in what authorities suspect was a robbery turned murder.

Graylyn rushed out of her house and to a neighbor’s home, and that neighbor was able to call 911.

Another neighbor of Graylyn and Sherry’s later recalled seeing a suspicious man around the neighborhood on the day Sherry was murdered.

The neighbor said the man was young, in his 20s, with tan or olive-colored skin and hair that fell to his shoulders.

The neighbor remembered the man having a Cuban or Spanish accent, and thought the man was either Hispanic or White; approximately 135 pounds and 5’8″.

Authorities did recover fingerprints and blood from Sherry’s home that they believe may have been from her killer, and though they never got a match from them, they’re holding out hope that could change soon.

Although the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office did their very best to investigate Sherry’s murder, her case went cold and it’s now been 30 years that Graylyn was left so horrifically without her mom.

If you have any tips for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office regarding Sherry’s murder, you can contact them at 904.630.0500.

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