A Storm Surge Nearly Killed This Family When Three Redwood Trees Crushed Their RV

Marin County, California. On Sunday, October 25, in Marin County, California, a family was nearly crushed after three redwood trees fell on their RV.

Matthew Boersma, Danielle Brajkovich, their two teenage daughters Taylor and Liliana, and their three dogs had been living in the RV for the past year while they worked on home construction plans.

That Sunday, a superstorm hit the Bay area. Over a foot of rain and loosening soil allowed the massive redwood trees to come down at all at once.

“Three of them at the same time came toppling over, right onto the top of the RV,” said Danielle, “Glass went flying, the whole RV was shaking back and forth, and I looked over and was panicked.”

Danielle climbed out of the RV, which was crushed in half, and began yelling for her husband. In the meantime, one of her daughters dialed 911.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Matthew and Danielle with their girls

Matthew had been taking a nap on the opposite side of the RV when he awoke to Danielle’s shrieks.

“I woke up and I noticed this tree was right up against my shoulder,” said Matthew, “If I were over another six inches, the whole tree would have crushed me.”

Luckily, the entire family emerged from the accident virtually untouched. Unfortunately, Matthew did visit the emergency room with a black eye and a concussion. Still, the whole family is lucky to be alive.

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