She Was Found Dismembered Then Dumped Along Several Roads And Hotel Surveillance Footage Showed Who Was With Her In Her Final Hours

Lincoln, Nebraska. Sydney Loofe was a 24-year-old young woman living in Lincoln. She had enviably blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

She lived in a duplex. She saved her sister’s life once. She enjoyed fishing. She collected crystals. She had a cat she named Mimsey who she adored and had got off Craigslist for just $20.

She was passionate about creatures great and small from a very young age and loved going to the local zoo to see all of the amazing animals.

She dreamed of growing up to be a marine biologist or working at an animal hospital, and she had a lot of other dreams she wanted to fulfill. Sydney had a bit of a tough time in college and she wasn’t quite sure what path she wanted her life to take.

She ended up moving on and working at a store called Menards, which is a home improvement store. Sydney liked her job a lot, and she always greeted customers with her dimpled smile. She also made some close friends at work.

Sydney was extremely big-hearted and compassionate to those around her. She did everything she could to help anyone in need.

Even though Sydney didn’t have much by way of money and she often grappled with some of her own personal problems, she was always there for others.

Sydney had a tattoo on her arm that said, “everything will be wonderful someday.” Sadly, Sydney’s life ended in such a cold-blooded and barbaric manner.

Facebook; Sydney smiles in the photo above

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