She Was Home Alone With Her Newborn When She Was Stabbed To Death 40 Years Ago And Now The Reward In Her Case Is Being Doubled In Hopes Of Catching Her Killer

Houston, Texas. 22-year-old Karen Lynn Douglas was a married mom with a newborn who happened to be home all alone on January 6th, 1981.

Karen’s husband was at work, and her mom was going to be stopping by later that day to drive her to an appointment she had with a local doctor.

Karen and her baby were in the house they lived in on Croteau Drive when someone entered Karen’s home and did the unthinkable.

Texas Department Of Public Safety; pictured above is Karen

While Karen was inside her home with her baby, someone stabbed her to death. Her mom sadly found her when she arrived to drive her to the doctor.

Authorities said that Karen put up a fight against her attacker, and there were signs she had really struggled with whoever that was.

They also know that someone saw her two hours before she had died, so they have been able to narrow time the time frame of when her murder took place on that day in January of 1981.

It’s been 40 years, and Karen’s killer is still out there.

The Texas Department Of Public Safety said in a press release that around the time of Karen’s murder, a man had been seen in her neighborhood breaking into nearby homes.

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