This Rescue Has Saved More Than 10,000 Homeless Dogs In Detroit And Now They’re At Risk Of Shutting Down

Detroit, Michigan. Marilyn McKiddie first opened the Home Fur-Ever Rescue 18 years ago, with the goal of helping homeless dogs abandoned on the streets of Detroit.

“Marilyn is honestly a beacon of light in a very dark time for Detroit,” some of the other members of Home Fur-Ever Rescue wrote in a blog post about their founder.

“As you know, Detroit consistently makes national news for its problems; yet it is rare to hear a story of hope come from the Motor City.”

“Marilyn has dedicated her life to being the voice of those who cannot speak – the stray, neglected, and abused dogs of the Metro Detroit Area.”

Marilyn has become so well known in the community, that when people see dogs in Detroit being mistreated or in need of help, they call Marilyn.

She’s “a hero for dogs” and to date, she saved more than 10,000 dogs in the 18 years since she has been open.

Marilyn has tirelessly worked to do so much good for homeless dogs in Detroit, and now, her rescue is at risk of shutting down.

“It certainly hasn’t been easy over the years,” Colleen Cron Oleksinski wrote on a GoFundMe page dedicated to helping Marilyn save Home Fur-Ever Rescue.

GoFundMe; pictured above Marilyn works to gain the trust of an abandoned dog on the streets

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