This Single Mom Is Hoping That IVF Will Help Her Family To Grow

Winooski, Vermont. On Courtney’s touching GoFundMe post, titled “Bryan Family, Party of Three,” she shares her fateful path to motherhood and her life as a single mom.

Courtney didn’t find family; her family found her. By fostering Mae from the time she was a newborn, Courtney officially became her mom in June of 2020.

As someone who grew up in a loving and lively home, Courtney wants to give her daughter a sibling and add even more love to her blossoming family.

A single round of IUI costs $2,000, but after her first failure, her chances of success grew higher with each try.

She took an assortment of vitamins, underwent extensive testing, and even tried acupuncture and crystals—nothing seemed to be helping.

After seven tries with IUI, Courtney needed time to heal and rethink her approach to getting pregnant.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Courtney with her daughter Mae

Following a few months of emotional and physical recovery, Courtney’s doctor recommended IVF, a procedure that would cost over $10,000.

Despite IVF’s invasive nature and high cost, the higher pregnancy success rate convinced Courtney that this was her best chance at growing her family.

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