42 Days Ago This College Freshman Disappeared Right Off The MSU Campus And His Family Is Asking That If You Were In The Area That Evening To Check The Photos On Your Phone To See If You Might Have Captured Him On Camera

“The boys checked the vehicle throughout the day on Saturday assuming Brendan went to sleep in the vehicle. When it became clear he had not returned they contacted the MSU campus police. The police did search the vehicle.”

Facebook; pictured above Brendan smiles

Brendan’s bank and credit cards have not been used since he vanished, and his family thinks something has to have gone terribly wrong because he wouldn’t have disappeared on his own.

A task force has recently been searching the bridge located over by Beal Street, as well as the Brody neighborhood, but there is still no sign of him.

Facebook; pictured above is a flyer for Brendan

Brendan’s family is asking that if you happened to have been near the area Brendan disappeared from on October 29th, that you check the photos on your phone to see if you might have captured him on camera.

If you see Brendan or have any information related to his disappearance, you can call the MSU Police Department at 844.996.7873 or email them at

Facebook; pictured above is a photo of Brendan’s cross necklace

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