54 Days Ago He Vanished Off The MSU Campus And Volunteer Paddlers Recently Searched The Red Cedar River Without Any Sign Of Him

East Lansing, Michigan. Brendan Santo is a freshman at Grand Valley State University, and on the evening of October 29th, he was over at Michigan State University visiting some of his friends.

It was a Friday night, and right before midnight, Brendan disappeared off the MSU campus.

He was last seen walking all alone out of Yakeley Hall, and he was wearing Converse sneakers, a Red Wing baseball hat, a black shirt, and grey sweatpants.

He also had with him a dark brown wallet and a distinctive gold cross necklace (pictured below).

It’s now been 54 days since Brendan went missing, and there’s simply no sign of him anywhere.

“The last confirmed location of Brendan’s phone was on Beal St. not far from Yakeley,” Brendan’s loved ones wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to finding him.

“Police were able to confirm his battery drained down to 0%. It was not deliberately shut off. It is a dark color iPhone 11 with a dark or clear case with no screen protector. Brendan drove his vehicle to MSU, parked it and it never moved. Brendan was not carrying his keys to his vehicle and his parents were able to take his vehicle home.”

“Brendan was carrying keys to his friend’s vehicle. They are in his back pocket. The picture on the page is the spare set. The friend’s vehicle was parked at Emmons Hall Friday and had not moved until it was towed to the dealership for new keys on Sunday.”

Facebook; pictured above is Brendan

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