A Financial Advisor Robbed This Family Of Nearly Half A Million Dollars And Their Ability To Support Two Of Their Loved Ones Who Have Dementia

Minneapolis, Minnesota. A fraudulent financial advisor tragically robbed the Gonzalez family after Robin Gonzalez’s younger sister, Roiann, was diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

Now, Celisia Stanton has organized a GoFundMe to help support Roiann’s medical costs.

“When Robin discovered her sister had early-onset dementia, she decided that for as long as she lived, she’d do whatever it took to ensure Roiann was always safe and always cared for,” Celisia wrote.

As Roiann’s older sister, it was instinctual for Robin to take matters into her own hands.

Unfortunately, Robin’s mother was also diagnosed with dementia shortly after, placing double the stress onto Robin. Still, she sprung into action for both of them.

Roiann’s dementia has since progressed and, years ago, Robin had to make the difficult choice to move her into a long-term care facility.

“The family couldn’t do everything all on their own anymore– they needed help. The facility was able to provide the kind of intensive day-to-day care Roiann needed and deserved,” Celisia explained.

Robin and her family wanted to place Roiann in the best environment possible for her to thrive despite dementia.

GoFundMe; pictured above is the Gonzalez family

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