Her Friend Started Dating A Much Older Man When She Was Just 17 And After 4 Years Of Being Together She Found Out This Guy Secretly Has A Wife And Kids

A young woman has a friend who is 21, and back when her friend was in high school and only 17, she ended up meeting her much older boyfriend, Mark, who is 10 years older than her.

Her friend dated Mark for 4 years, and during that time, Mark never introduced her to any of his family members.

Her friend never thought this was a red flag, and she didn’t stop to think about the other red flags in their relationship either.

Mark mentioned that he had an ex-wife and that he also had kids with this woman as well.

Mark used that as an excuse to make her friend pay for absolutely everything; vacations, food, dates, literally anything that cost money her friend was paying for and not Mark.

Another thing that was concerning was that Mark always wanted to control her friend.

“One time she was supposed to go on a ski trip with her friends and he lied about his friend dying to keep her from going to “be there for him after the funeral”,” she explained.

“When she asked him questions about the friend about who he was, how close they were, how he died, he wasn’t able to answer any of those which made her suspicious but she ended up staying with him and not going on the trip.”

“Now that you have some background on how their relationship was like we’ll fast forward to a week before Thanksgiving.”

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