Her Sister’s Teen Stepdaughter Has Been Acting So Inappropriately Towards Her Husband And Now It Has Caused A Rift In The Family

This woman’s sister has been dating a single dad and was excited to meet her sister’s future stepdaughter. That was until things became super inappropriate and uncomfortable.

Her sister’s stepdaughter, Scarlett, is nineteen years old. Unfortunately, this woman got a bad feeling from the moment they met.

“I have to say she seemed like the rude type who had never been told no and hasn’t learned proper social skills,” the woman said, “But, I understand my sister’s just trying to win her on her side so that the relationship would last.”

Scarlett did not meet the woman’s husband until her third visit. This was when the situation escalated from rude to grossly inappropriate.

“She shamelessly and boldly started complimenting him– making comments about how gorgeous his eyes were, how good he smelled and how attractive his body was in front of everyone,” the woman explained.

She kept quiet, but Scarlett did not stop. Instead, she began hugging him and making whatever excuse she could to take home his belongings.

“I didn’t even know that until my husband told me. He said that my sister pressured him into giving her stuff. I was enraged,” the woman recalled.

She tried to talk with her sister about how uncomfortable she and her husband were. First, the sister asked the woman to keep quiet.

But then, she suggested that the woman’s husband does not have to attend family gatherings anymore.

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