He’s Secretly In Love With His Wife’s Younger Sister And He First Fell For Her 10 Years Ago

A 40-year-old man is married to his wife, who is 1 year younger than him, and they’ve been married for close to 20 years now.

Since marrying his wife, he’s since gotten quite close to her family. His wife is particularly tight with her younger sister Mary, who is 35, and frequently comes over to their house a lot.

Over the years, he’s wound up becoming close to Mary as well, and sometimes he ends up talking to her more than he does to his own wife.

He and Mary have tons of similarities, and their relationship so far has been only as friends…but he’s secretly in love with her.

“Before I continue I should mention I deeply care for my wife and am still in love with her,” he explained. “She is a wonderful person and I would never leave her for Mary.”

Around 10 years ago, he first started falling for Mary. Mary had been single for a while and as soon as she began dating again, he felt a stab of jealousy. Additionally, he felt depressed and upset that she was back on the dating market.

He pushed all of his feelings down and tried for an entire year to simply ignore them all. He tried to move on with his life as normal, but he couldn’t get rid of the feelings that he had for Mary.

Given the fact that nothing was changing by trying to ignore how he felt, he then decided to distance himself from Mary, but that did not work out well, since she’s at their house weekly.

“There was no escaping Mary without leaving my wife,” he said. “They were too close. So I decided to fixate on all of her negative qualities as a person in hope that it would make me stop feeling anything for her. It didn’t work.”

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