He’s Thinking Of Breaking Off The Engagement To His Fiancée Because She Gained A Lot Of Weight And “Stopped Trying” With Her Appearance

A 26-year-old man is engaged to his fiancée, who is one year older than him, and lately, he’s considering breaking off their engagement and breaking up with her.

Now, his fiancée has stuck by his side through some very tough times in his life, and he knows that she is the sweetest and most caring person he has ever met in his life.

She also did a lot to help him to be the best version of himself.

He first met his fiancée three years ago, and he honestly feels like he was pressured into proposing to her.

“We got engaged very early on in our relationship but I never even chose the ring or went ring shopping,” he explained.

“Rather, she had everything planned out and kept insisting on it until I went along with it. That said, I do really enjoy being with her, so at the time, I figured that engagement would be the right thing to do.”

As the date they set for their wedding draws closer, he’s been seriously having second thoughts.

He’s extremely anxious on a daily basis, and he cannot let go of the fact that he thinks it’s not good for him to get married to her.

He knows that ending the engagement will destroy her, which is why he has put it off, but he can’t ignore his feelings.

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