His Family Is Hoping To Be Able To Get Him A Service Dog To Help Provide Him With Freedom And Friendship

Spokane, Washington. Like any family, the Smiths want to enjoy time together, completing daily tasks and fun activities with a sense of normalcy and calm.

However, this has been a challenge for the family of six because there is a constant worry that their son Hobbs will inadvertently wander off or enter into dangerous situations.

Hobbs is on the Autism-spectrum and has had the opportunity to temporarily work with two trained service dogs who help children with special needs and accompany them to Occupational Therapy appointments.

Soon there was a deep bond between Hobbs and the animals; the family shared on their GoFundMe that these dogs “helped him to regulate his nervous system by using their bodies to comfort and communicate with Hobbs.”

Other challenges a service dog could help Hobbs conquer include daily walks to and from school, alerting the family to his entries and exits from their house, and allowing him to have a sleep companion.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Hobbs

Hobbs tends to wake up during the night and wander around the house, sometimes getting out of the special locks designed to keep him safe at home.

The family wrote in their post that, “His wandering is what our kids describe as their biggest fear; “Hobbs getting out and being hurt.” 

Home should always feel like a safe space for Hobbs, and the family has done their best to create a calm environment for all four of their children.

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