Over The Past Few Months Her Boyfriend Started Criticizing Her Appearance And Putting Her Down Over Everything From Her Clothes To Her Hair

A 22-year-old woman has dated her 23-year-old boyfriend for the past 5 years now, but over the last few months, he began criticizing her appearance and putting her down from everything from her clothes to her hair.

She has called her boyfriend out on his criticisms, and every time she does, he apologizes to her and claims he does not mean to criticize her…but he hasn’t stopped doing it.

She started doing things she never did before she met her boyfriend; for example, she gets french tip manicured acrylic nails, she highlights her hair, she gets eyelash extensions, and she gets her eyebrows done.

By all means, she is doing a lot of things to keep up with her appearance.

“He’s constantly telling me I don’t dress sexy enough,” she explained. “The thing is that is true – I don’t dress sexy.”

“I am quite into fashion and I love wearing wide-leg jeans and other modest clothing. But I feel sexy in it regardless. He asked me to wear more mini skirts and things, I have been more so lately even though it’s December.”

“But I don’t feel good in it. I went to buy a top today and I asked his opinion but he said “you shouldn’t dress for me! Where what you want” but then I have that thing where I know he doesn’t find me attractive in it.”

Her boyfriend also has been accusing her of not being sexy enough around their house, which she is blown away by because she spends a ton of money on pretty lingerie.

She did bring up the fact that she bought all of this lingerie, and her boyfriend said that isn’t attractive and he wants her to wear crop tops and short shorts.

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