She First Started Slurring Her Speech Before She Was Diagnosed With A Very Rare Autoimmune Disease

Sophie’s doctors began treating her for MOG with steroids, which are not entirely effective against its symptoms. She also needs to receive plasma exchanges and IV infusions regularly.

But her last life-saving plasmapheresis treatment cost a shocking $90,000. Though insurance may step in to cover some of these costs, the family is unsure how medical bills, co-pays for Occupational therapy, and other appointments will break down.

If Sophie needs to undergo experimental treatments, it is unlikely that they will be covered by insurance.

So Sophie’s independence, ability to pay rent, and build a career are all on the line as MOG threatens to change her life’s trajectory.

To talk about her illness, which is often the elephant in the room, Sophie’s came up with a clever nickname taken from the Harry Potter Universe; her MOG is referred to as Dobby, after the house elf. 

Sophie’s positive attitude and resilience inspire and encourage her mom, dad, sister, and boyfriend. Still, she will need the support of a broader community of friends if she’s going to be able to take down this illness without falling into financial ruin.

The GoFundMe is more than a third of the way toward its goal. You can donate or learn more about Sophie here.

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