She’s Having An Affair With A Married Man And She’s Wondering How To End Things With Him

A 24-year-old woman has been carrying on an affair with a 37-year-old married man named Eddie, who also happens to be her coworker.

She met Eddie after they started working in the same department, and they quickly struck up a friendship.

A year after that, she and Eddie were at their company Christmas party when things got physical between them.

She says she never meant for it to happen, but it did, and they started sleeping with one another.

This has now been going on for an entire year.

“I’ve been trying to end it ever since,” she explained. “But the thing is I love him and he’s my best friend. I know that sounds so childish but I can’t help it. If I could go back and stop myself, I would give anything.”

“I have told no one and it’s eating me up. I’m constantly on the verge of tears and I’ve never been so miserable in my life. Except when I’m with him, it all seems to go away.”

“Of course I’m not with him 98% of the time. And I haven’t heard from him in a week due to him being on vacation. Right now I’m missing him terribly and crying on my bed which is pretty common for me.”

She doesn’t feel comfortable confiding in her family members or friends about the affair, and she knows her loved ones would tell her to end it.

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