This College Girl Thinks That She Might Have Slept With Her Friend’s Boyfriend But She Can’t Remember

Last weekend, a college girl went to her friend’s on-campus apartment so she could hang out and drink with this guy and some of their other friends.

She brought her best friend with her that night, but before they headed to their friend’s apartment, they went out to dinner together and wound up getting wasted.

After they finished dinner, they ended up at their friend’s apartment and started drinking more and playing some games with everyone.

Not long after she got there, the boyfriend of one of her close friends began flirting with her, and everyone saw what was happening.

She really had no idea how to handle the situation, but when she woke up the following morning, she was sure she slept with him although she didn’t remember it at all.

“Long story short I blacked out HARD and do not remember a thing, but I woke up in his bed Sunday morning with my pants off,” she explained.

“I talked to my best friend about it and she said I shouldn’t say anything while another one of my best friends said I have to.”

“I left my underwear there and was planning on coming over to pick them up yesterday and talk to him about what happened and how we were gonna tell her.”

She wasn’t able to go back to her friend’s boyfriend’s place to grab her underwear before her friend learned that she did sleep with the guy.

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