Back In 2016, She Claimed To Have Been Kidnapped For Several Weeks And Held At Gunpoint, But Now She’s Being Accused Of Faking The Entire Thing While Staying At Her Ex-Boyfriend’s House

Redding, California. Back in November of 2016, Sherri Papini disappeared for several weeks from Redding, California, spurring a search for her that reached across the entire country.

It was November 2nd of that year at 5:50 in the evening when Sherri’s husband called up the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office to report that Sherri had gone out for a run but never came home.

Additionally, Sherri had not picked their children up from daycare that day, which led him to believe that something was seriously wrong.

Sherri’s husband was able to use Find My iPhone to figure out what Sherri’s phone was, and he later discovered it discarded a few feet from the side of the road, along with Sherri’s earbuds and some of her blonde hair.

Sherri’s husband thought that it looked like someone intentionally set Sherri’s phone down where he found it, which didn’t sit right with him.

Later on, detectives searched through the house that Sherri shared with her husband, only to find that nothing seemed strange or disturbing to them.

Weeks after Sherri vanished into thin air, she was found on November 24th at 4:30 in the morning and she was “running” down the center of Interstate 5.

A truck driver, along with several other individuals, called 911 to report what they saw that morning, 146 miles away from where Sherri originally disappeared from.

California Department of Justice; pictured above is the photo circulated after Sherri went missing

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