20 Years Ago, This College Girl Was Abducted While She Went Out For A Run Around Her Neighborhood: Last Year, Details Were Released About The Main Suspect In Her Case

Georgetown, Texas. Back in 2002, Rachel Louise Cooke was 19-years-old and attending college a few states away from home.

Although Rachel was from Georgetown, she was going to college at Mesa Junior College, which is located in San Diego, California.

On January 10th of 2002, Rachel was back home in Georgetown for her winter break. Earlier that morning, Rachel’s mom saw her before leaving for work, but Rachel was nowhere to be found when she returned home.

FBI; pictured above is Rachel

Rachel left her family’s house and went out for a run at around 9:30 that morning after her mom left for work. A couple of Rachel’s neighbors recalled seeing her on her run that day.

One neighbor, in particular, spotted Rachel just 200 yards away from her home, on her way back.

Unfortunately, Rachel never did make it back home. Someone abducted her while she was out on her run.

It’s now been 20 years since Rachel was taken, and there has been no sign of her.

Last year, on the anniversary of Rachel’s abduction, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office released key details about the main suspect in Rachel’s case.

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