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This Stray Dog Has Given Her The World, And Now She’s Trying To Give Him The Best Chance To Beat Lymphoma

Tallahassee, Florida. Seven years ago, a funny-looking, short-legged puppy walked his way into Amy Sainsbury’s life, and little did anyone know that the two would become best friends and share tons of memories together.

Fate sure had connected those two. Amy’s family calls him B–he was born in Tennessee. He met Amy, originally from Florida, while Amy’s family was there for a weekend trip.

Amy said that B showed up looking like a stray dog, but they were still concerned that he could be some local family’s lost puppy.

However, after a few days of posting a notice in the community, no one had come to claim him. With the family’s trip coming to an end, they decided to keep B with them.

And that was how B became a beloved family member of the Sainsburys.

Amy described how B had accompanied her throughout her entire high school life and the first three years of college time. The two have shared so many memories of outdoor activities as well. B is an important part of Amy’s life.

“My favorite memory will always be seeing how happy and free he was running through the dunes of White Sands National Park,” Amy wrote on GoFundMe.

“B has a heart of gold and is loved by so many.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is B

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