Engineering Students At This College Brilliantly Designed Tape For Your Burrito So It Won’t Fall Apart When You Eat It

eskstock - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Students of Whiting School of Engineering poured countless hours into designs made especially for Engineering Design Day, an annual event at the college.

Each team spent time developing, testing and perfecting their design for this annual event held on May 3rd.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering launched this capstone idea almost 38 years ago and currently has over 400 students representing 9 different engineering departments.

“Design Day is an exciting landmark in our students’ journeys from studying engineering in the classroom and laboratory to becoming practicing engineers heading out to make a lasting and positive impact on our world,” said Ed Schlesinger, dean of the Whiting School. 

Each team presented their design with posters, prototypes, and demonstrations. 

While the countless hours and work put in to develop the perfect capstone, one of the project sneak peeks listed on their site stood out to us the most!

Engineering students cleverly designed tape for your burrito so it won’t fall apart as you eat it.

Taco Tuesday should be listed as messy Monday. Eating any type of burrito, taco or wrap can be extremely messy and annoying as most of the delicious ingredients find a way to fall out. However, we may no longer have to stress about this annoying scenario!

The students behind this project, which consisted of chemical and biomolecular engineers, were inspired by their own experiences with messy lunches, which led to the invention of the Tastee Tape!

eskstock – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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