He Cried Over A Girl He Never Even Went On A Date With, And He’s Wondering If That Means He’s Not Ready For A Relationship Right Now

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old man describes how he didn’t have any “real” relationships in high school. The one that did happen was only 2 months long.

When he got to college, he realized that his depression and anxiety were really bad, and had interfered with his dating life.

He decided not to date until he was mentally in a better place. Therapy for 2 years combined with anxiety and depression meds helped him to progressively get better, and grow more comfortable with himself.

“I don’t rely on anyone to be happy, I am able to ground myself when my emotions get a bit rocky…I’m more social, more independent, less worried about what people think, and I’ve matured a lot,” he explained.

He also continued to work on other aspects of himself. He worked on himself physically, worked on his sense of style, took better care of his acne, and even changed his hair.

These small changes have been so noticeable that his friends paid attention and complimented him on how “cool” he’s gotten.

After all these changes, he gained the confidence he needed to put himself out there again, and so he picked a dating app to try.

He kept his expectations low though, as before he used to be clingy and try too hard. Since using the app, he hasn’t connected with anyone.

At a track meet for school about 3 months ago, he ran into an old friend that he’s known for 5 years. After a bit of catching up, he noticed a really cute girl among her friends, and he was instantly attracted to her.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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