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She Tried Collecting Her Graduation Present 2 Years After Her Parents Promised It To Her, But Then They Told Her It’s Too Late

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A young woman graduated college 2 years ago now, but back when she was still a sophomore, her parents made her a promise.

If she did great in college, they would gift her and one of her friends an all-expenses-paid summer trip to travel around South East Asia.

This promise of a present really motivated her big time, and she did do wonderfully in college because of it.

She was planning on being able to use the trip to spend time with her cousin. She and her cousin were born just 11 days after each other, and they’re super close.

She also wanted to ask her boyfriend to be her plus one and figured it would be an opportunity for him to see the country that she is from and get to meet her family for an entire month.

After spending a month with her family, she wanted to spend the remainder of the summer traveling around other areas of Asia such as Singapore, since she has more loved ones that live there.

All throughout college, it really was a struggle for her to overcome issues with her mental health, and she was proud to be able to complete two degrees in 6 years and graduate from college with honors on top of that.

Just as she was set to walk across the stage at graduation, the pandemic hit. Travel wasn’t possible, and she wasn’t able to collect on that graduation gift her parents had promised her.

Now that travel is possible again, she figured it was time to ask her parents about her trip.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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