This 100-Year-Old Man Has Broken The Guinness World Records For Having The Longest Career At The Same Company

Did you know that the average person switches jobs twelve times throughout their lifetime? Moreover, the average employee term length is just over four years, according to Zippia.

But a one-hundred-year-old man from Brazil named Walter Orthmann has beaten the odds. Walter recently broke the Guinness World Records for the longest career at the same company.

As of January 6, 2022, Walter has worked at the same company for eighty-four years.

He was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and at fifteen years old, Walter got his first job as a shipping assistant at Industria Renaux S.A.– also known as ReneauxView.

Walter’s workforce entry in 1938 was forged out of his family’s financial needs.

“Back in 1938, kids were expected to work in order to help support the family. As the oldest son of five, my mother took me to find a job at fourteen,” Walter explained.

Nonetheless, he was driven and committed to his career and has worked for ReneauxView ever since.

After proving his diligence and desire to learn as a shipping assistant, Walter was eventually promoted to a sales position.

Guinness World Records; pictured above is Walter when he was younger

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