This Popular TikTok Therapist Revealed One Important Way To Determine If Your Relationship Will Fail Or Work Out

Like we said before, a bid is an attempt to connect with your partner. I’m sure we have all done this at some point throughout our relationship, whether we meant to or not, and may not have noticed this call to action.

The TikToker lists examples such as “look how pretty that tree is” or sighing and wanting your partner to ask if you are okay.

This experiment has shown that couples who respond positively to bids for attention are 80% more likely to stay together in a year than those who choose to respond negatively or not at all.
Some who receive a negative reaction consider it better to be single than unseen.

It’s important to note that attention bids are not always negative and can help and save your relationship as it provides a way to connect emotionally with your partner.

Dishing out an emotional bid is a great way to tell if your partner is interested in you or not. Do they walk away, ignore you, or respond with no emotion?

If so, you may want to find someone willing to give you the time of day to make you feel heard, seen, and special!

Life’s too short. It’s time to only allow those who genuinely care about you to stick around in your life!


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