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Her Mother-In-Law’s Boyfriend Called Her Fat While On A Family Vacation, So She Got Him Kicked Off The Trip

Victoria Chudinova - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman’s mother-in-law is currently dating this guy named Tom, and Tom isn’t exactly a nice guy at all.

She says that Tom “is that annoying guy who claims he doesn’t like women wearing makeup, but what he really means is he likes perfectly done natural makeup.”

“He likes women who don’t try with their appearance but also expects them to be beautiful. He thinks a woman is boring if she orders a salad on a date, but he only dates tiny women.”

She finds Tom incredibly annoying, and additionally, Tom just thinks women should be flawless and also eat a ton of junk food along with him yet be no bigger than a size 4.

Now, not only does she not like Tom, but she also doesn’t like her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law absolutely hates her guts, and they obviously don’t get along well at all.

Pretty recently, she went on a family vacation to celebrate her grandfather-in-law’s birthday, and the trip did include Tom and her mother-in-law, and things got weird quickly.

On day two of their family vacation, they all went out shopping, and Tom selected a swimsuit he wanted her mother-in-law to buy.

She overheard her mother-in-law say that the swimsuit was too close to one she had and then her mother-in-law said she hated her and would rather die than look like her.

Her fiancé quickly stepped in to reprimand her, though her mother-in-law brushed it off and screamed at them for listening in to her conversation with Tom.

Victoria Chudinova – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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