These Husky Brothers With A Sad Start To Life Are Looking For Their New Families

Cabin Critters Rescue is a non-profit located in Scioto County, Ohio, that was opened up back in 2019, and since then, has gone on to save more than 400 cats, dogs, and various other animals.

Cabin Critters Rescue just wants to place animals in their care in the best of homes, and they want them to find families they can be with forever.

Two dogs that are currently at Cabin Critters Rescue waiting on their new families are two brothers aptly named Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had a very sad start to their lives. “These guys were saved by a gentleman when he found out the man was going to shoot the whole litter,” Cabin Critters Rescue said on a Facebook page introducing the brothers as available for adoption.

“By the time he reached them, these were the last remaining puppies out of 9. The man had shot them all before the gentleman arrived to help.”

“So these boys did come from a very rocky start. They’re now loving and trusting boys who just want to play.”

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn weigh approximately 25 pounds and they are both Huskys. They love to run and play, so they definitely need a home where they can get that outside time, preferably with a fenced yard.

Cabin Critters Rescue; pictured above is Huck Finn

“They love lots of toys,” Cabin Critters Rescue explained on their adoption page for the boys.

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