24 Years Ago, Anna Scivetti Disappeared In Staten Island And Her Family Is Still Searching For Answers

But, Anna never showed up to meet the landlord. Moreover, she never spoke to her friends or family again.

Anna was last seen leaving her job at Ferrar Foods, located in South Plainfield, New Jersey. DMV records revealed that she crossed the Outerbridge Crossing and traveled back into Staten Island in her Mazda.

Phone records also revealed that the last person Anna spoke with was Charles. Charles had a criminal record and actually spent over four years in federal prison in connection with an N.Y. stolen car ring.

And despite Anna’s family knowing that she would never leave her dog or her loved ones behind without a trace, the police did not initially act upon Anna’s missing person report.

In fact, it took authorities nearly one week to initiate an investigation.

Sadly, though, no suspects– including Charles– have ever been named in Anna’s case. When initially approached for questioning, Charles was off on vacation with his wife and child.

Then, after returning, he hired a criminal defense attorney and refused to cooperate with police.

Charles was later sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison following twelve charges, including the transporting of stolen automobiles, altering VIN numbers, and more.

Nonetheless, he nor any other suspect has ever been brought to justice in Anna’s case.

Anyone with information about her disappearance is encouraged to contact the New York City Police Department at (212) 473-2048.

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