A 16-Year-Old High School Girl Went Missing In 1971 And Is Believed To Be The First Victim Of A Washington Serial Killer

December 7, 1971, was a cold and dreary day in Vancouver, Washington. Jamie Grissim, a sixteen-year-old high school student, got ready with her sister– Starr– for the school day before heading to their bus stop.

Both girls attended Fort Vancouver High School, only about two miles away from their home.

The brisk wind eventually became too much for the sisters, so they headed back inside their house to wait for the bus.

Soon after, Jamie told Starr she would just walk to school. And that was the last time anyone in Jamie’s family ever heard from her again.

She reportedly arrived at school and attended her only two classes of the day. Jamie also told her foster mother– Grace– that she would walk home from school and arrive at about 1:00 p.m.

But the afternoon came and went. Then night fell, along with a massive snowstorm. Jamie never returned home and was reported missing the following day.

It was not until May of 1972– about five months later– when Jamie’s purse and other possessions were discovered in the North East woods of Vancouver.

Jamie’s whereabouts were never ascertained, though, and police have since revealed their suspicions.; pictured above is Jamie

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