His Fiancée Is Still Wearing The Wedding Ring From Her Late Husband And He Wants Her To Stop As Soon As They Tie The Knot

alenazamotaeva - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 31-year-old man has a 30-year-old fiancée named Ellie, and they’re going to be tying the knot later on in 2022.

Prior to meeting him, Ellie was married. Sadly, Ellie’s husband passed away along with their unborn baby in a terrible accident.

Ever since she lost her husband, Ellie has continued wearing the wedding ring that he gave to her, though instead of wearing it on her left hand, which is the traditional way to wear a wedding ring, she switched to wearing it on her right.

“I thought it was awkward before but didn’t really care much, but recently I’ve realized that it’s kind of weird for her to keep wearing a ring from her ex when she’s getting married to me,” he explained.

“It’s not like she wears the ring sometimes, she’s always wearing it, like how some people have necklaces or bracelets they always wear.”

He did approach Ellie about this, pointing out that he respects that she can wear anything she likes but that it really bothers him, and he wants her to no longer wear her old wedding ring.

Ellie was upset when he told her that, as she doesn’t want to take that ring off her hand ever, let alone after they tie the knot.

“She actually went as far as to say she’ll wear the ring on our wedding day since she wears it everywhere, and we had an argument,” he said.

“After which she said that she’ll take it off for the ceremony but may put it back on for the reception afterward.”

alenazamotaeva – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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