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Her Brother-In-Law Broke Up With His Girlfriend, But Her Husband Still Wants To Invite Her On Their Family Vacation And She’s Not Down For That

A couple of evenings ago, Kelsey came over and had a couple of drinks with her husband too, and then she slept in their guest room.

This is rubbing her the wrong way that her husband is staying so close with Kelsey, but the final straw for her happened when her husband invited Kelsey on their family vacation.

They’re going to be headed to Belize for 2 weeks to stay in a house owned by her husband’s parents, and it’s a trip the family takes frequently.

Although Kelsey has been on vacation with them to Belize tons of times, because she’s no longer with Brad she isn’t down for her coming with them.

While Brad won’t be joining them on this particular trip, she still thinks it’s inappropriate to invite Kelsey along.

“When I had the conversation with my husband about how I thought he was crossing some boundaries with Kelsey he got very defensive and said I was being ‘heartless’ for wanting to just write Kelsey off,” she said.

“I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t trying to ‘write her off’ but since she no longer had ties to the family why would she come? If she began dating someone tomorrow would we let her bring her new partner?”

She just sees including Kelsey as something that’s going to create drama down the line, and that’s why she wants to put her foot down now.

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