Hilarious TikTok Video Shows A Mom Stuck In A Climbing Tunnel At A U.K. Theme Park

Robin Hill Isle of Wight is a sprawling eighty-eight-acre theme park located in the natural woodlands of Newport, United Kingdom.

The park offers countless activities for friends and families of all interests. You can stroll through the curated gardens and trails, watch falconry displays, visit the 4D motion cinema, or engage in some more adventurous outdoor activities.

One fan favorite is known as “jungle heights,”– where visitors can “skip, hop and bounce through dual net bridges suspended thirty-four feet off the ground,” according to the park’s website.

Afterward, you squirrel up a six-story tower before reaching a scenic tree-top lookout.

And while the excursion may sound like it is fit for children, many adult visitors also often partake in the fun.

But, one TikToker’s mother did not have as much luck as her fellow adults. Donna Turner recently shared a hilarious video of her mom stuck in one of the “squirreling” tunnels on TikTok– and the internet cannot get over it.

The video shows her mom encased in a wire tunnel high above the ground. Normally, visitors climb through these tunnels with ease. Instead, Donna’s mom, unfortunately, got stuck and was unable to move.

Many users on the TikTok community shared how terrified they would be in the mom’s situation.

TikTok; pictured above is Donna’s mom stuck in the tunnel

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