The Worst Statements People Can Include In Their Dating App Bios Have Been Revealed In An Outrageous Reddit Thread

“This is the worst. I have seen women require a six-figure income, but when I ask about their work and income, it’s below six figures. A lot of the time, it’s below fifty thousand. Makes no sense at all.”


If A Man Calls Themselves An “Alpha Male”

“In other words, ‘I’m controlling AF, and I am going to take all my anger out on you, and you have to be okay with it.'”


“Anything that relates to animal dynamics, I just assume they are a jerk.”


And When People Literally Write Nothing 

“This is definitely the worst. People write jerky stuff that lacks self-awareness all the time. But, that is actually better than this because they are writing their own warning labels.”

“Instead, these blank profile people cannot even give us that much due diligence. So, if you swipe right on them, you have no idea whatsoever what situation you are running into.”

“It’s worse than eating from unlabeled cans in the pantry.”

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