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This Female Delivery Driver Only Received A $20 Tip On An Order That Cost Close To $1,000

AntonioDiaz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

If you have ever worked as a delivery driver, then you know some customers severely under-tip. Even worse, others leave no tip at all.

A security guard who works at an office in Dallas, Texas, recently shared another upsetting delivery story that he hopes many people will take to heart.

While working his shift one day, the man saw a female delivery driver arrive with a massive delivery.

A group of workers on the building’s third floor had placed the order, which included numerous boxes of pizza, wings, breadsticks, and cutlery. The total came out to over nine hundred dollars.

In the man’s office building, delivery drivers typically wait in the main lobby until a contact person comes down to pick up their order. So, while the woman waited, the pair got to talking.

He learned that the woman has children but has been struggling to physically and financially support her family.

The woman had been forced to give up a teaching position in order to have a more flexible childcare schedule. So, her finances have taken a significant hit.

Then, the woman moved on to a positive note– describing her thankfulness for a supposedly-good delivery day.

“She was saying how she had a big order before this and another right afterward. She was really excited and said it was a blessing to be making these big deliveries,” the man recalled.

AntonioDiaz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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