This Woman Shared Video Evidence Of Her Ex-Husband Poisoning Her On TikTok

Another woman recently went viral after sharing yet another devastating act caught on a Ring security camera. This time, though, the woman named Sarah believes she caught her ex-husband poisoning her.

Last August, she initiated a divorce with her husband after being together for over twelve years. Sarah described being stuck in an abusive and narcissistic relationship with him that was taking a severe toll on her wellbeing. But, unsurprisingly, her husband did not want any part of the divorce.

Time passed after serving her now ex-husband with the divorce papers, and Thanksgiving came around the corner.

After telling her ex that she wanted him out of the house the day before Thanksgiving, Sarah caught him tampering with her Thanksgiving pies the morning of the holiday.

She posted the recorded Ring footage on TikTok and narrated the events.

“Here, you can see my ex-husband peeking around the corner [of the kitchen] to see if I am coming out of my bedroom,” Sarah began.

“This was at 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving day. I had just made pies the night before. You can see him lift up the foil on the pies and spray something all over those pies,” she continued.

“That was the moment I knew for a fact that I had been poisoned over and over and over again for years. And I finally caught it on video,” Sarah finished.

TikTok; pictured above is Sarah in one of her videos

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