This Woman Shared Video Evidence Of Her Ex-Husband Poisoning Her On TikTok

Her frightening video reached 3.5 million people and racked up nearly four hundred thousand likes. And for all the commenters wondering what came of the recording, Sarah posted numerous follow-up videos explaining the entire story.

First, apparently Sarah is still unsure what exactly was put onto the pies.

“I am assuming and guessing it was eyedrops. I took it in to the police station and, after showing them the video, they said it looked like eyedrops,” Sarah said.

But, she claims there was no reason to have eyedrops in the house since neither Sara nor her ex-husband ever used them. And according to a commenter on TikTok, eyedrops have been used to upset the stomachs of unwanted bar patrons in the past.

“Eye drops is an old bartender trick. It causes diarrhea and vomiting. They use it to get rid of annoying/non-tipping customers,” one user wrote.

Second, Sarah addressed why she had a camera pointed toward the kitchen in the first place. Apparently, she discovered that her ex-husband had placed numerous hidden cameras throughout her home to spy on her. In turn, she decided to set up her own.

And after hearing her ex walking around at 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning, she had a feeling that she should check the camera.

Finally, many people wanted to know what came of the situation. After Sarah brought the pies to the police station, a police report was filed. But, her ex-husband saw no true consequences.

“Nothing has been done. They did not contact him about this incident until January, and this happened in November. I am still waiting on state results, and until then, I am supposed to just sit and wait,” Sarah explained.

As of March, Sarah’s divorce was thankfully finalized, and she is now “starting her own life.”

“I am way happier. I am healthier; I am getting there. And I am with someone who treats me a million times better. So, if you are in a similar situation, there are people out there who are decent human beings; you deserve so much better,” Sarah said.

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