A 5-Year-Old From Alabama Gave His Neighborhood A Fright After Walking Down The Street In A Chucky Costume

With summer winding down, Halloween is only eighty-nine days away– and one five-year-old from Alabama is already getting into the spooky spirit.

Kendra Walden, a thirty-one-year-old business owner, was driving some employees home through an Albertville, Alabama, neighborhood last week when she was forced to do a triple-take.

Out of nowhere, she spotted a life-sized version of the murderous Chucky doll strolling down the street. And at first, Kendra could not believe her eyes.

“When we got closer to him, we saw that it was real. And it scared the heck out of us,” she recalled.

The group– who had been remodeling a home in the neighborhood– ended up circling back numerous times to get a better look at the child playing dress-up.

Then, during their third time driving down the block, Kendra was able to snap some photos of the wild child that she later shared on social media.

“Dear parents of the little boy in the Chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR KID… I almost had a heart attack,” Kendra wrote on Facebook, accompanied by the photos.

The post quickly circulated throughout the Alabama community and went totally viral, gaining over one hundred thousand shares, fifty-three thousand likes, and seventeen thousand comments.

Facebook; pictured above is the photo of Chucky that Kendra shared

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