After Booking A Hotel Room With His Girlfriend And Getting To See Her Living Habits Up Close And Personal, He Feels Disgusted By Her

“I feel like I’m being a bit superficial with this, but at the same time, I am legit grossed out with her and don’t want her anywhere near me now,” he said.

“She wants to go get breakfast and I am just sitting there incredibly grossed out as she smacks and talks with a mouthful of food.”

Throughout their entire trip, his girlfriend has tried to initiate intimacy with him, but he has blown her off the whole time because he’s simply no longer attracted to her.

“Part of me wants to talk to her about all this and try to fix it, but I know it will just make her super self-conscious and hurt her feelings,” he continued.

“But also, it is not my job to parent a grown adult and teach her manners and basic hygiene. I want a partner, not a child.”

Do you think he should sit his girlfriend down and go over all of her living habits that make his skin crawl?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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