An Uber Driver Rescued Two People From A Brownstone Fire In NYC And Still Got His Passenger To LaGuardia Airport On Time

“It was surreal, but we got to the airport on time,” he explained in true dedicated Uber driver fashion.

Fritz’s passenger, Jemimah James Wei, later shared Fritz’s incredible act of courage on Twitter– which gained over fifty-six thousand likes and hundreds of responses from thankful citizens.

And since the miraculous feat has gone viral on social media, Uber has officially honored Fritz by giving him a place in Uber’s 2022 Yearbook– a collective that celebrates drivers and couriers with inspiring stories.

“Meet hometown hero Fritz Sam, New York City, who momentarily interrupted an airport ride to run into a burning building and rush people to safety!” the company began in a Twitter post.

“Welcome to our first-ever Uber Yearbook highlighting some of the most inspiring people in the Uber community.”

Despite all of the praise, though, Fritz has remained humble– and simply regarded his own actions as something anyone would do for their own family.

“If your family was in a burning building, you would not hesitate. All I did was say, ‘Wait a minute, that may not be my family, but that is somebody’s family,'” Fritz said.

To view Jemimah’s original Twitter post, you can visit the link here. Or, to view Uber’s Twitter post, you can visit the link here.

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