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Her Boyfriend Said That The Only Reason He Cheated On Her Is Because He Finds Her Super Boring

Ilona - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has been dating her boyfriend for 3 years, and ever since she originally met her boyfriend, she has done all that she can to show him that she prioritizes him.

She bends over backward for her boyfriend, and she has always gone out of her way to make sure that she is listening to his feelings.

She has not once made her boyfriend feel like he owes her for a single thing, and yet, their relationship still went south even though she was courteous and kind to him.

A year ago, she and her boyfriend ended up breaking up, and although they were living together in an apartment, he moved right out.

Her boyfriend was like a broken record; every disagreement they got into, he said the exact same hurtful things, and he again said those things to her when they did officially break up.

She didn’t speak to him for quite some time, but then 2022 began, and she and her boyfriend decided to reconcile and get back into a relationship.

Everything has been smooth sailing up until a week ago, though her boyfriend was strangely insecure and kept questioning her if she thought he wasn’t attractive.

He also then began accusing her of seeing other guys, and she did her best to just ignore his behavior.

Last Tuesday, she and her boyfriend got into their first argument since getting back together, and she did her best to diffuse the situation by not replying to him.


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