Her Stepmom Thinks She Should Let Her New Stepsister Live In Her Room But She Doesn’t Want To Move Into Another Bedroom In Their House

Syda Productions - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 16-year-old girl has a dad who recently got remarried to his new wife named Kelly. Kelly has a 9-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, and Kelly and her kids just moved in with her and her dad.

The house that she and her dad live in comes with 4 bedrooms, including her bedroom and her dad’s bedroom.

Her bedroom and her dad’s bedroom do have bathrooms attached, while the other bedrooms don’t, but they have nice walk-in closets (which she does not have).

“All of the rooms have beds and dressers, you know, all the stuff that makes a room a room without the personal decorations that you choose,” she explained.

“When they came to move in, her daughter ran straight past one of the vacant rooms and into mine. My walls are purple, and I have Marvel and DC posters hanging up on the wall I also have a mirror attached to my dresser with lights around it.”

She took her new stepbrother to his room, and as she walked back to her own bedroom, she noticed her new stepsister was already moving her belongings right in.

She stopped her stepsister and mentioned that this is her bedroom before pointing out where her stepsister was going to be living.

“She immediately started flipping out. She started yelling, saying she was gonna tell her mom and my dad that I’m being mean to her and trying to bully her because she was younger,” she said.

“Her mom and my dad came into the room due to all the yelling and asked what was going on, and so I told them that she thinks my room is hers and she won’t leave, but she said that this has to be her room because it’s her favorite color purple and it has a bathroom, so it has to be hers.”

Syda Productions – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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