His Girlfriend Broke His $120 Wine Glass, And After He Made Her Pay For It, She Asked For Her Money Back

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Last week, a guy’s girlfriend was cleaning the windows in his kitchen when she ended up knocking some things over.

In the process, what she tipped over broke a very expensive wine glass of his. His mom purchased this wine glass for him as a Christmas gift, and the glass is worth $120.

His girlfriend did own up to what happened, but they couldn’t come to an agreement about how to handle things after the fact.

“When she told me she had broken the glass by accident (which she was very nervous about because she knew the glass was expensive), we had a discussion (may classify this as an argument…) that lasted three days about how it would get replaced, and who would pay,” he explained.

“After all of this talking, she finally (she says) gave in and gave me 40% of the cost to replace the glass.”

“I had initially asked that she replace the glass in full, but after discussion realized if we are partners, it would be logical to use the 60/40 calculation we use for everything else.”

So, his girlfriend forked over the money he wanted her to in order to replace the wine glass.

Right after his girlfriend paid him, though, she demanded that he give her her money back because it didn’t sit right with her to have to pay at all.

She outlined to him that it was a total accident what happened with the wine glass, but he argued back that if they plan on living together in the future, she’s going to need to pay for things that break or need to be replaced.

Trendsetter Images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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