His Girlfriend Said She Wanted Him To Learn How To Braid Her Hair So He Had His Sister Teach Him, And Then His Girlfriend Got Downright Mean About It

evgeniy kleymenov/EyeEm - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old guy has been dating his 21-year-old girlfriend for the last year, and 2 days ago, they celebrated their anniversary together.

He spent time coming up with a super thoughtful gift; learning how to braid his girlfriend’s hair.

His girlfriend has kept saying to him that she would love to date a guy who could braid her hair, so he figured it would be a nice surprise for him to actually learn how to do this.

“I have an older sister (26F) who gets along well with my girlfriend, so I asked my sister if she could help me learn to braid hair,” he explained.

“It took some practice, but after her teaching me for a couple of weeks, I learned how to braid simple braids.”

The day of their anniversary arrived, and he invited his girlfriend out on a date. As the evening wore on, he said to his girlfriend that he could braid her hair for her.

His girlfriend was puzzled by this but agreed to let him try. He braided her hair just like his sister had shown him, and when she saw his handiwork, she did appear to be dazzled by what he did.

His girlfriend ended up asking him how he learned to braid hair so well, and he replied that his older sister was the one who had been his teacher.

So, his girlfriend had been impressed up until he revealed this to her.

evgeniy kleymenov/EyeEm – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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