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Miami Plastic Surgeon Explains Why BBL-Looking Backsides Are Impossible To Attain By Just Going To The Gym

Brazilian Butt Lifts, also known as BBLs, began infiltrating mainstream plastic surgery during the 1980s.

Still, the procedure’s popularity became unmatched after celebrities such as J Lo and Kim Kardashian spurred a media frenzy over their larger-than-life backsides.

And whether you support the BBL movement or believe that the elective surgery goes too far, Dr. Alex Earle, a plastic surgeon from Miami, Florida, recently settled one of the most significant debates about the procedure.

He explained why the “BBL look” is physically unattainable from just going to the gym.

“You cannot get BBL results at the gym,” Dr. Earle said in a recent TikTok.

“We often get that comment that you know, ‘She should have just worked out.’ But, it is not possible to transform the body the way that we do surgically with a BBL by diet and exercise alone.”

He then plunged into the various appearance changes that BBLs cause, which are simply not possible without surgical intervention.

For example, “hip dips”– which refer to the indents below the hips and above the base of the thigh– have gained a lot of social media attention over the years.

TikTok; pictured above is Dr. Earle

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