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This 13-Year-Old Boy Was Selling Lemonade In 102 Degree Heat So He Could Raise Enough Money To Go To A Soccer Tournament, And Now His Viral Story Has Generated Over $17,000 On GoFundMe

Over the past two years, countless people have begun using the power of TikTok for charitable change.

The creators– known as “serial tippers”– publicize everyday encounters with people from all walks of life who are in need of some financial support.

These videos are typically coupled with a Venmo or Cash App username and prompt people from across the globe to donate funds directly to the person in need.

Most recently, a TikTok posted by Lexy Burke– a Nashville-based serial tipper– generated over one thousand dollars for a thirteen-year-old boy named Niko.

Niko had been sitting outside in one hundred and two degrees heat selling lemonade for hours before Lexy and her boyfriend, Austin, passed by the stand.

They learned that the boy is on a competitive soccer team, and he received an opportunity to compete in Portugal.

The only problem was that his father did not have enough money to send him outside the country. So, Niko had to come up with half of the travel costs in order to play in his tournament.

“Alright, guys, so here’s the deal. Since we have been doing the Venmo Challenge, we have always said we wanted to tip a kid doing a lemonade stand. Kids do not work these days,” Lexy and Austin began in their first video.

TikTok; pictured above is Niko with his lemonade stand

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